Al Waziria Hospital was opened in 1993 and is located in central Baghdad- Iraq. It offers a variety of medical specialities including Obstetrics & Gynaecology, General & Vascular Surgery, in addition to upper and lower Gastrointestinal Surgery. We have an extensive knowledge in the field of medicine over the past 30 years as medical doctors in various medical and surgical specialities.

Our guiding principles of trust, integrity, ethics, and value has helped us in becoming one of the leading private hospitals in Iraq over the past 17 years.  These guiding principles are the foundation of our hospital not only in our dealings with our patients but also our staff, as we believe it is their efforts that will have lead to our success.

We have now opened a new IVF centre that will provide a much needed service as this is currently not available. Our IVF centre is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and is run by a specialist staff that have a vast experience in the field of IVF therapy.

The future 

We anticipate in the near future to be adding other specialities to operate in the hospital including Ophthalmology & ENT; we are also in the process of updating all our laparoscopic equipment to the latest state of the art available in order to be able to provide the level of treatment we believe our patients deserve.


   Address:  Hay Al-Maghrib   Dist. 301    St. 33    Building  17

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